11/24/2017 04:56 EST | Updated 11/24/2017 05:00 EST

People forced from homes after structural issues found at Calgary apartment

CALGARY — About 125 people are out of their homes in Calgary after serious structural issues were discovered in a seven-storey apartment building.

City of Calgary spokesman Wayne Brown says an inspection revealed problems with floor slabbing and some balconies.

Brown says engineers believed the issues were serious enough that people needed to be removed from the building right away. 

The building is in the Kensington area of Calgary.

The city says it will be putting supports in place.

The Calgary Emergency Management Agency has set up a shelter inside a nearby school for anyone needing a place to stay.

James Watkins, who lives in the building, said he got home to find a sign on the door and he was told the building was unsafe.

Watkins said he wanted to retrieve his two cats, but police kept him out. 

"The only thing of value I have in there to me are my two cats," he said. "Everything else, I don't care if it collapses and everything else is gone. I want those two cats out."

(CFFR, CTV Calgary)