11/25/2017 16:39 EST | Updated 11/26/2017 10:23 EST

St. Willibrord School Creates New Anthem, "Dreamchild", In English, French And Mohawk

The video caught the eye of the Trudeaus.

N'we Jinan

A music video for an elementary school's new anthem is making its rounds online, with people applauding its use of three languages: English, French and Mohawk.

"Dreamchild" was created by students at St. Willibrord School in Châteauguay, Que, near Kahnawake Mohawk territory. One-third of the school's students are Mohawk, according to CBC News.

Caroline Bouchard, the school's music teacher, began the project after realizing the school's anthem was outdated, The Eastern Door reported.

"The goal was to create a school anthem that was inclusive and representative of everyone," Bouchard said. "I wanted it to be written by the students themselves because it's a song for the students."

N'we Jinan, a non-profit group that brings recording equipment to schools and First Nations communities, collaborated on the project.

The students received help on the Mohawk parts of the song from Jody Wahsontiiostha Diabo, the daughter of Kahnawake's council chief.

"People were really touched by the project and I was honoured to be a part of it," she told CBC.

The dynamic video that accompanies the song shows ten children singing the anthem as the camera follows them through Kahnawake and Chateauguay. In the song, the kids sing about their dreams and hopes for their futures.

I'm so happy to get the opportunity to do it. I'm really proud of myself and all the others for doing this.Lexi Horn

Lexi Horn, who is from Kahnawake, was one of the students in the video. She also helped write the lyrics and had a hand in producing the video, according to The Eastern Door. She said hearing the song for the first time was emotional.

"I'm so happy to get the opportunity to do it. I'm really proud of myself and all the others for doing this."

Along with a slew of positive comments on social media, the video has caught the attention of Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

"You children are dream-like.... Walk fearlessly towards the future!" Gregoire Trudeau wrote on Facebook.

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