11/27/2017 14:02 EST | Updated 11/27/2017 15:30 EST

Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister, Wore An Awesome Cape During 1970 Grey Cup Game

The Trudeau Formerly Known As Prime Minister.

Sunday night's Grey Cup game was epic.

The Toronto Argonauts stunned the Calgary Stampeders to win the Grey Cup during a snowy showdown in Ottawa, and Shania Twain was pulled onto the field by freakin' dog sled in what can only be described as a pure, uncut Canadian moment. Twitter was divided over the pop-y rendition of 'O Canada' by Choir Choir Choir, and history was made in the form of the longest offensive touchdown in Grey Cup history.

One thing that managed to unite everyone, however, was a picture that was dug up of the 1970 Grey Cup game, at which then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau showed up in a flowy, striking cape ensemble.

The Canadian Press photo, taken by Peter Bregg, showed the prime minister about to walk onto the field of Exhibition Stadium in Toronto to present the trophy to the Montreal Alouettes.

He was decked out in a black cape on top of a beige jacket, sporting a rose on his lapel, leather gloves, plaid pants and a seriously jaunty top hat.

If you're suddenly hearing Prince's "Purple Rain" in your head, you're not alone.

But there were a lot more comparisons where that came from.

Because of the DC character's famous red cape, Superman was invoked.

While the plaid get-up led some to wonder if he was carrying out an homage to the universe's most famous time lord and titular character of BBC's long-running series, "Doctor Who."

All some people could see was Dave Chappelle's hilarious Silky Johnson character from a classic "Chappelle Show" episode.

Although we aren't blessed with a colour photo of the fly-looking world leader, one tweet pointed out that the get-up reminded them of Kramer wearing Joseph's technicolor dreamcoat in an episode of "Seinfeld."

But because the photo was taken in 1970, it's not completely insane to think that he could have inspired the costume Gene Wilder wore in "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory," which came out in 1971. OK, maybe a little insane.

As people who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, we couldn't help but gravitate more towards Disney's "Darkwing Duck."

Since the picture was taken 47 years ago, people were quick to point out that capes aren't really in anymore. Edna Mole from "The Incredibles" said it best:

But honestly ... he looked dapper AF.

Justin, your socks might not cut it anymore.

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