11/29/2017 05:42 EST | Updated 11/30/2017 15:02 EST

Inquest hears of teen's drug use before his death at Saskatoon youth centre

SASKATOON — An inquest into the death of a 17-year-old boy who was being held at a Saskatoon youth centre has heard that the day before he died, the teen had told a nurse about using crystal meth in his cell.

Pamela Watt, a nurse who specializes in psychiatry, told the inquest Tuesday that the boy told her about the drug use at Kilburn Hall during an outing for a court appearance the day before his death on July 30, 2015.

A publication ban prevents the teen's name from being released.

Another nurse, Tammy Bjerke, testified that the youth was high for about three days before his death.

The inquest has previously heard the boy is believed to have smuggled crystal meth into the facility.

Previous reports have said he was pronounced dead at hospital, but a Saskatoon police detective sergeant testified Monday that the boy died at Kilburn Hall.

Calvin Roseberry, a staff member at the facility, testified Tuesday that the lights in the teen’s cell were turned off early at the boy's request on the night he died because he was believed to be coming down from a drug-induced high.

He said the lack of light prevented surveillance.

Roseberry also said cameras don’t run when cell toilets are in use, and he agreed when asked if this could provide an opportunity to consume concealed drugs.

Peter Graulin, another staff member, testified he and his colleagues doubted the teen’s claim to have used crystal meth in his cell because he had made similar statements in the past that were deemed false.

Graulin said the teen became increasingly agitated the evening he fell ill and appeared to be in what he called "considerable pain."

He said staff called an ambulance once it became clear his condition was worsening.

The inquest is scheduled to run until Friday. (CTV Saskatoon)

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