12/04/2017 14:58 EST | Updated 12/04/2017 15:27 EST

Newfoundland Woman Helps Couple Deliver Baby In Shoppers Drug Mart Parking Lot

This is one way to spend a Saturday morning.

A Google Streetview image of the St. John's Shoppers Drug Mart that Christia Tizzard visited before helping a couple deliver a baby.

Your weekend was probably nowhere near as eventful as Christia Tizzard's.

The St. John's woman's Saturday took an incredible turn after a morning visit to a local Shoppers Drug Mart, according to VOCM. As she was exiting the store, Tizzard said she heard a man say that his wife had gone into labour — in their car.

The couple were on their way to the hospital when they were forced to make a stop at the parking lot.

Tizzard hurried to the vehicle to help, she told CBC News.

She said she asked soon-to-be dad Richard Deveau to step aside from his wife, Nicole, and got to work.

'Mom was a rock star'

Tizzard said she had no experience delivering babies, unless you count what she's seen on reality TV shows.

"But I knew exactly what to do and I did everything right," she told the outlet.

Tizzard helped guide the mom's breathing while her husband comforted her and spoke to paramedics on the phone.

Within minutes, the couple's baby girl had entered the world.

Their demeanour also helped Tizzard focus, she told CBC News.

"Mom was a rock star. She was in the zone, she wasn't hysterical or anything," she said. "I think if she was hysterical, it would have been a different situation."

Soooooo I just delivered a baby!!!

Posted by Christia Tizzard on Saturday, December 2, 2017

The couple and their baby were later taken to hospital. They're doing just fine.

After the experience, Tizzard took to Facebook to describe her unforgettable Saturday morning.

"What an eventful day and it's not even 10 a.m...never in my life did I ever think I would deliver a baby," she wrote.

"I''m in shock...I got the honor (sic) of telling parents they have a beautiful baby girl."

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