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25 Gift Ideas That Teachers And Daycare Providers Will Actually Like

Step away from the mugs.

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If you're wondering whether you really have to give your kid's teacher or daycare provider a gift during the holidays, here's a handy tip: yes.

This is the person who keeps your child alive/entertained/educated/wrangled all day, freeing you to work/sleep/clean/keep your younger babies alive while knowing that your child is in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment. Not only do teachers and daycare providers deserve gifts, but they deserve good ones.

That's where we come in. We scoured our favourite gift guides and online shops, dug deep into forums, polled Facebook, and asked some actual teachers IRL what makes a great Christmas gift.

First of all, here's what they don't want: mugs, lotions and bathing paraphernalia, baubles and knick knacks. Here's what they do want: gift cards, school supplies, gift cards, booze, gift cards, caffeine, personal gifts such as hand-written cards and ornaments, and did we mention gift cards?

With that in mind, here's a list to help you get a gift that one of the most important people in your child's life will actually like.

1. Chapters gift card


Costs: $25, $75, $100

Available at: Chapters/Indigo

2. New Year's resolution teas

David's Tea
New Year's resolution tea from David's Tea

Costs: $36

Available at: Davids Tea

3. Custom ProStamps


Costs: $28.55 and up

Available at: Staples

4. After school snack stemless wine glass


Costs: $15

Available at: Etsy

5. Starbucks gift card


Costs: $15, $25, $50, $100

Available at: Starbucks (in store or online)

6. Geo Stripe Reading Socks


Costs: $24.15

Available at: Indigo

7. Stonewall Kitchen cheese pairing set

Costs: $36.98

Available at:

8. Thank you teacher mug


(Yes, we know. No mugs. But this one is so cute we had to make an exception).

Costs: $19.40

Available at: Etsy

9. UNICEF Canada schools essential bundle (35 sets)

Costs: $20

Available at:

10. Ikea gift card


Costs: $25, $50, $75, $100, $200

Available at: Ikea

More gift ideas from HuffPost Canada:

11. Teacher's Highland Cream scotch whiskey


Costs: $26.70

Available at: LCBO

12. Head over feet pedicure gift basket


Costs: $23

Available at: Etsy

13. Heart of a Teacher: A Collection of Quotes and Inspirational Stories


Costs: $18.15

Available at: Indigo

14. Teacher Christmas ornament

Teacher ornament from Walmart

Costs: $26.99

Available at: Walmart

15. Michaels gift card


Costs: $10, $25, $50, $100, $200

Available at: Michaels

16. Mr. Sketch scented colour markers


Costs: $13.49

Available at: Walmart

17. Prang soy crayons class pack


Costs: $32.99

Available at: Costco

18. Soma hot chocolate collection

Soma Chocolate
Soma hot chocolate flavours

Costs: $35

Available at: Soma Chocolate

19. holiday treat box

Costs: $50

Available at:

20. LCBO (or any liquor store) gift card


Costs: any denomination over $25

Available at: LCBO

21. Reason you drink wine label


Costs: $6.50+ (plus a bottle of wine)

Available at: Etsy

22. Chocolate survival kit

Costs: $16

Available at: Purdys Chocolatier

23. Personalized notebook


Costs: Starting at $9.74 (plus shipping)

Available at: Vistaprint

24. Wine Time knit mittens


Costs: $9.99

Available at: Simons

25. Amazon gift card


Costs: Any amount

Available at: Amazon

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