The Weather Network Asks People To #WinterizeACelebrity, Twitter Delivers

Famous Canucks include Flake and Ryan Frosting.

Between shaming controversies and hateful backlash, the internet can be a pretty toxic place. But once in a while a brilliant new trend springs up, bringing out the best in people.

On Monday, the Canadian broadcaster took to Twitter to announce their new game. "We'll start with a shout out to the incomparable Leonard Snowin' ❄️," they wrote.

Naturally, the tweet produced some major gems, proving what an amazing and creative place the internet can be.

Of course, some iconic Canucks got the puntastic treatment, including Drake, John Candy, and Ryan Gosling.

A number of other famous folk were also "winterized" in the challenge, including big names like Dwayne Johnson, Madonna and, yes, even the Queen.

The Weather Network's Twitter challenge was definitely one way to take Canadians' minds off the long winter ahead. Last month, the broadcaster's chief meteorologist Chris Scott revealed that we'll likely have a "stormy winter" this year.

"You might get two out of three months where you think, 'wow, that was a wild winter,' and then one month where the winter goes away," he explained. "But this will be a winter that's more on than off."

So brace yourselves, folks. Winter is coming.

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