12/08/2017 11:02 EST | Updated 12/08/2017 11:03 EST

Tim Hortons’ Expansion In Glasgow Has Caused A Craze Among Scots

They can't get enough of timbits and Double Doubles.

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Canada's landscape is vast, diverse, and full of Tim Hortons coffee shops. But while nothing screams Canadiana more than a steaming hot Double Double, it seems the beloved coffee chain has lost its appeal among Canucks — landing in fourth place on Maclean's Coffee Ranker, Narcity notes — and found new popularity abroad.

Tim Hortons opened its first European store in Scotland back in June and has been slowly expanding across the U.K. The Canadian coffee chain recently opened its third location in Glasgow and the verdict couldn't be more clear: Scots can't get enough of Tims.

On Twitter, Scottish fans have been buzzing about the brand, sharing positive reviews about their first taste of Canada.

One Scot, Greig Stott, even shared his experience visiting his first Tim Hortons in Glasgow on YouTube.

During his seven-minute review, Stott affectionately refers to the coffee chain as Timmies (as one does), and is heard telling the cashier: "My wife's Canadian... and Tim Hortons is massive in Canada so it's exciting for us."

According to Stott, Tims embodied the true Canadian spirit as "the staff were really friendly and seemed really patient."

"But obviously it's still a huge novelty thing and it's very busy," he said of the Glasgow store.

Kevin Hydes, the U.K. Chief Finance and Commercial Officer for the franchise, told The Sun that Glasgow felt like the right place to expand.

"It's a fantastic city and shares similar values with Tim Hortons — a strong sense of community and friendly culture," he said. "We knew the U.K. loved its great coffee and delicious, freshly-made food, but the excitement we've seen for Tim Hortons has beaten all of our expectations."

Now that Tims has released its holiday cups and merchandise for the Christmas season, it seems Scottish fans have more than enough to gush about, in addition to the classic drinks and timbits.

Besides the U.S. and Britain, the beloved Canadian chain has opened locations in Mexico and the Philippines, and in August, the company announced plans to expand to Spain next.

Watch out world. Tims is taking over.

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