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Stocking Stuffers For Kids: 30 Ideas They'll Be Happy To Find On Christmas Morning

These little games, gadgets, and toys are sure to be a hit!

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We don't know about you, but the stocking was one of our favourite parts of Christmas morning as kids. What's not to love about all the little games, gadgets, toys, and candy you love stuffed inside a big, old sock?

If you're having trouble figuring out what to put in the stockings hung by your chimney with care this holiday season, we've rounded up some of our favourite kids' stocking stuffers to get the ball rolling!

1. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles


A new addition to the popular family of hatching pets, CollEGGtibles is a small plush toy that makes a great stocking stuffer. Like their full-size counterparts, they still need your kid to help them hatch by pressing the heart on its shell and gently tapping on the area once it changes colour. There are over 70 different styles to collect in all.

Get it here: Walmart, $6.97

2. Personalized journal kit


Surprise the aspiring scribe in your house with this fun journal that can be customized with the accompanying letter tiles.

Get it here: HomeSense, $9.99 (in stores only)

3. Bey Blades


The spinning top gets a 21st-century makeover with Bey Blades. The tiny tops spin at high speed thanks to the accompanying rip pull. Your kid can use it on its own or battle their friends' blades. The last one spinning is the winner!

Get it here: Amazon, $13.71

4. Kitchen utensil set


Your pint-sized chef will love to find these realistic cooking utensils (that look just like mom's and dad's, only smaller) in their stocking on Christmas morning.

Get it here: Ikea, $5.99

5. Where the Wild Things Are mini plush


Fans of the classic childhood story will love receiving a mini plush Max (complete with a removable crown!) and the accompanying booklet of stickers featuring artwork from the book.

Get it here: Chapters/Indigo, $11.47

6. Fidget blocks

Uncommon Goods

Move over spinners, there's a new fidget toy in town! These linked wooden blocks are just waiting for fidgety fingers to manipulate them into a variety of colourful forms and patterns.

Get it here: Uncommon Goods, $16

7. Sing-a-ma-Ling Sawyer

Toys R Us

This funny little friend is just small enough to actually fit in a stocking. Sing-a-ma-Lings have hysterical little voices and can sing three different ways when their bellies are pressed — even harmonizing with your kid and each other! Sawyer sings "Row Your Boat."

Get it here: Toys R Us, $12.99

8. Unicorn pom pom socks


If you had a pair of pom pom socks growing up, then you have to get this cute unicorn pair for your little one's Christmas stockings.

Get it here: Zara, $6.90/two-pack

9. Rubiks 2X2 cube


While this miniature version of the classic cube is smaller, it doesn't mean it's easy.

Get it here: Chapters/Indigo, $9.95

10. Ooly Make No Mistake Erasable Markers

Shop AGO

Where were these when we were working on our childhood masterpieces? Kick the usual stocking markers up a notch with this genius set. Each marker has a built-in eraser on one end, making colouring inside the lines easier than ever.

Get it here: Shop AGO, $17.95

11. Faux fur earmuffs and mittens set


There's nothing like giving something cozy for Christmas and we love that this fun, faux fur set will keep them warm and looking stylish.

Get it here: Winners, $12.99

12. Melissa & Doug My First Temporary Tattoo


These tattoos make a great stocking stuffer for smaller kids because they are easy to use. Just peel and stick — no water needed!

Get it here: Well, $4.99

13. Tassel paper clips


Your stationary-loving tween is sure to appreciate these over-the-top tassel paper clips.

Get it here: Forever 21, $8.90

14. It's Slime

Mastermind Toys

Slime is enjoying a comeback as of late and is available in different colours with added glitter or colour-changing capabilities — you name it! But we're partial to It's Slime for keeping it old-school in classic green.

Get it here: Mastermind Toys, $11.99

15. Olilibaby mitten clips


Last year, mitten clips were a hot commodity among the kindergarten set at one of our kids' schools and we wish we had had one of these good-looking pairs by Canadian company, Olilibaby, back then! Perfect to stuff in your toddler's stocking (or your five year old's, apparently). We bet you can't choose just one!

Get it here: Olilibaby, $11.99/pair

16. Mayka block tape


This block tape is compatible with Lego bricks and it's a game changer. Give some to your (junior) Master Builder to add a whole new dimension to their plastic brick creations.

Get it here: Walmart, $12.97

17. Piggy paint

West Coast Kids

You can feel good about letting your little one imitate the adults in their life by painting their nails when you use all-natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly Piggy Paint. We love it because it doesn't peel off immediately after you (painstakingly) apply it on all of those tiny nails. They'll love having a bottle of their very own nail polish.

Get it here: West Coast Kids, $10.99

18. Compass

Mastermind Toys

Tuck this compass into your little explorer's stocking for a gift that will really impress. The working compass is a great way to start teaching your outdoorsy kid about direction and navigation.

Get it here: Mastermind Toys, $12.99

19. GummyGoods keychain


These keychains — that look just like the real things — will be a welcome addition to all the backpacks in your household.

Get it here: Well, $9.48 each

20. Djeco french knitting kit


This sweet French-knitting doll will provide hours of entertainment for the crafty kid on your list, and it doubles as a cute decor item when it's not in use!

Get it here: KolKid, $23.99

21. Mr. Marvelous


The unique size and shape of all the books in The little Mister and Little Miss series lend themselves well to stuffing stockings. They're fun reads as well!

Get it here: Chapters/Indigo, $6.71

22. Barbie fashion accessories


A little something extra for their Barbie Doll, the accessories in this fringe-themed kit will make your fashionable kid smile.

Get it here: Walmart, $3

23. Plus-Plus tube

Mastermind Toys

These miniature building blocks consist of just one shape in a multitude of vibrant colours that can be used to create both 2D mosaics and 3D creations.

Get it here: Mastermind Toys, $9.99

24. Crystal growing sequoia


In addition to sprouting crystals before your eyes, this cool crystal tree kit also contains information about the majestic sequoia tree. Did you know that Sequoias can live to be 3,000 years old? We love an educational stocking stuffer!

Get it here: KolKid, $12.95

25. Carter's jersey beaded necklace

OshKosh B'gosh

The accessories from Carter's are adorable! We dig them because they are both age-appropriate and stylish, like this one, with brightly coloured beads strung on floral cotton jersey and finished with a breakaway clasp for your little one's safety.

Get it here: OshKosh B'gosh, $7

26. The Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book


It's no Invisibility Cloak, but the "Potterhead" in your house will be delighted nonetheless to find this Harry Potter joke book in their stocking on Christmas morning.

Get it here: Amazon, $11.69

27. Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush


If you've got a kid who hates having their hair brushed, slip a Tangle Teezer in their stocking to ensure smooth sailing in the mornings. The bristles are designed to glide through hair with minimal tugging and pulling, releasing painful tangles effortlessly with no tears!

Get it here: Well, $18.48

28. Pokémon Throw N Pop Poke Ball


Thrill your young Pokémon Master by giving them this Poke Ball that pops open when thrown, releasing a two-inch action figure who is ready for battle!

Get it here: Chapters/Indigo, $21.95

29. 4M Kidz Labs Moon Torch Projector

Mastermind Toys

You want to give them the moon and now you can. This mini moon torch projector ensures that it will always be at their fingertips.

Get it here: Mastermind Toys, $6.99

30. Gap Star Wars stripe mittens


With the new movie coming out on Dec. 15, Star Wars gear is everywhere. Our pick for the best themed stocking stuffer? These cute-as-a-button intarsia R2D2 mittens.

Get it here: Gap Canada (sizes XS/S - M/L), $34.95

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