12/13/2017 13:42 EST | Updated 12/13/2017 14:20 EST

Alberta legislature wraps up sitting, with new rules on worker rights, elections

EDMONTON — Politicians at the Alberta legislature have wrapped up a fall sitting that included some major legislation and a significant reconfiguration of the political landscape.

Premier Rachel Notley's NDP government passed new rules to protect students in gay-straight alliances at schools, and overhauled laws to give workers more say in safety and in getting compensation if they are hurt on the job.

There are new rules to expand participation in elections, to crack down on money influencing elections through third-party entities, and to implement the legalization of cannabis next summer.

The government also brought in legislation to make people pay before they pump to prevent gas and dashes, and rules giving the province and consumers more legal recourse when bots snap up all the online tickets to concerts and other events.

The sitting saw Alberta's two conservative parties formally push their desks together in the house as the new United Conservative Party.

Jason Kenney won the leadership of the UCP, and is running in a byelection in Calgary Lougheed, with voters going to the polls on Thursday.