12/13/2017 16:09 EST | Updated 12/13/2017 16:11 EST

Canadian Wireless Prices Still Among World's Highest, Survey Finds

But the federal government sees some positive signs.

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TORONTO — Prices for some types of Canadian wireless service plans have fallen but overall they remain high compared with other countries, according to a report commissioned by the federal government.

It says the biggest declines are with low-use mobile plans, which the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development said in a statement were cheaper in Canada than in the United States for the first time since 2013.

However, Nordicity Group's report also said Canadian wireless telephone prices were the world's highest in half of the six service levels measured.

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The U.S. price was higher than Canada's in two levels of service — both at the lower-end of phone minutes and text messaging and without any gigabytes of data usage included in the plan.

Using a methodology that it has employed in previous reports, Nordicity focused on six large- or mid-sized Canadian cities across the country and made comparisons with 10 cities outside Canada — including four in the United States.

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