12/14/2017 04:03 EST | Updated 12/17/2017 03:23 EST

Sex ed to be compulsory in Quebec as of September: Couillard

QUEBEC — All students in Quebec primary and secondary schools will be taught sexual education as of September, Premier Philippe Couillard told The Canadian Press on Wednesday.

Education Minister Sebastien Proulx has been trying for two years to gradually introduce voluntary sex-ed courses in schools but without much success.

Most schools have balked at his proposal, while teachers' unions have been critical of the government's approach and what they perceive as a lack of training.

The September courses will be for about one million students from Grade 1 through Grade 11.

The information they receive will be based on their age and will deal with sexuality, anatomy, body image, sexual assault, love, sexual relations, stereotypes and sexually transmitted infections.

"I'm convinced the great majority of Quebecers want this (and) that we're clearly there,"  Couillard said in an interview, adding he is aware it is still a delicate topic that "sparks certain social tensions."

The information will be inserted into regular subjects such as French or mathematics.

Proulx is expected to make an official announcement Thursday.