12/14/2017 16:14 EST | Updated 12/14/2017 16:14 EST

Woman Charged After Altercation Where Baby Was Stabbed, Assaulted

The baby remains in critical condition.

TORONTO — A woman is facing five charges, including attempted murder, after a four-month-old baby girl and a man were stabbed and assaulted in a condominium in Toronto's west end, police said Thursday.

Officers were called to the building near Sherway Gardens mall at about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday and found the infant unconscious in the lobby, said Const. David Hopkinson.

Baby in critical condition

Police were able to resuscitate the baby and she was rushed to a trauma centre in the city where she remains in critical condition.

The man, woman and baby were in one of the building's units when the two adults began arguing, police said.

Police allege the woman uttered threats while holding a knife, and allegedly went on to injure the man and the baby.

Stabbed and assaulted

After initial confusion about the nature of the baby's injuries, Hopkinson said the baby was stabbed, but the injuries the child sustained from an assault were far more serious. He did not provide details of that attack.

"We believed originally that the significant injuries that the baby received were from the stabs, we now know it was not," Hopkinson said. "The other assault that the baby suffered is what caused the injuries that finds the baby in critical condition in hospital."

The man fled the apartment with the baby to seek help, police said, and his injuries are considered minor.

[The suspect] was suffering from some serious injuries, but she was taken into custody and taken into hospital to be treated.

"We had been told that a woman was responsible for this series of incidents and that she was armed and had fled the building," Hopkinson said. "Our officers searched the area and they did come upon a woman. She herself was suffering from some serious injuries, but she was taken into custody and taken into hospital to be treated."

The 34-year-old Toronto woman has been charged with attempted murder, two counts of uttering death threats, assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon.

Police have not specified the relationship between the woman, man and baby.

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