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How To Keep Your Health Intact Through The Christmas Season

And that goes for physical and mental health.

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Our tips for surviving the holidays physically and mentally.

Everyone thinks of the holidays as this perfect time of the year where nothing goes wrong. But for many people this is far from the truth.

The whirlwind of events combined with grey, cold winter weather can be bad news for your health. Those who suffer from anxiety dread the seemingly endless mingling and socializing. The holiday season is even a tough time for couples with many studies showing that breakups spike during December. Don't fret. We've rounded up some tips on how to survive the holiday season below.

Starting To Feel Sick?

Nothing will stop you in your tracks faster than a holiday cold or flu. Here's some tips on staying healthy during the busy holiday season.

8 Ways To Survive The Health Minefield That Is Winter

Personal trainer and HuffPost blogger Kathleen Trotter offers up her tips on surviving the grueling holiday season. One of her biggest tips? Don't forget to get some sleep.

I get it. Life has to "get done," especially during the holidays, but sacrificing sleep sets your "tomorrow self" up to make unhealthy choices. You will be tired, need a "kick," and grab sugar and coffee.

How to Stay Healthy at Your Holiday Party

Microbiologist Jason Tetro reminds us that a holiday party can be an unfortunate breeding ground for germs. Here's how to ward off those germs.

4 Ways To Stay Healthy Through Winter

Dietitian Nema McGlynn notes that nutrition is a good way to keep away those winter illnesses. Consider foods rich in vitamin C and zinc to boost your immune system.

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travel writer Parmjit Parmar gives you her tips for surviving winter travel in Canada. Our favourite? Don't forget to drink plenty of water to counteract that dry airplane air.

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A woman is having a lonely Christmas by herself. She sits alone and looks sad as she is all alone on Christmas. Here she sits with a blanket while looking depressed.

Starting to feel overwhelmed? It's OK

The holidays can even be tough emotionally. Those who have anxiety dread the parties and mixers. For those suffering from loss, the holidays can bring up some unpleasant memories. We've rounded up some of our tips for taking care of yourself.

How To Cope With The Holidays When You Have Social Anxiety

HuffPost Canada writer Terri Coles looks at how to survive the gauntlet of parties and events when you have social anxiety. The advice can also apply for introverts and those exhausted by large gatherings.

It's OK to feel stressed, anxious, or sad even if this is supposed to be a happy time of year, notes the Mayo Clinic. Giving yourself permission to express your feelings can take some of the load off.

How To Recognize And Defeat Holiday Depression Triggers

If you feel depressed during the holidays, know you're far from alone. Here are some tips to recognizing the triggers that might affect you.

10 Tips For Surviving Holiday Grief

Any annual event can be difficult if you've recently lost someone — or even not-so-recently lost someone. Writer Lynda Cheldelin Fell reminds us that simple things like maintaining a routine and giving yourself plenty of TLC can help. Read more of her advice above.

How Do You Celebrate Holidays After Losing A Loved One?

Elizabeth Berrien, who wrote a book about coping with grief, offers a unique perspective. One of our favourites: Make a donation in honour of your recently departed loved one.

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Sad couple having a conflict and relationship problems

Worried about your relationship?

The holidays can be a tense time for couples. There are heightened expectations of 'perfect' parties or New Years celebrations. There's the agony of meeting parents or relatives for the first time. Here are some tips for getting through the holidays with your significant other.

How To Survive And Thrive As A Couple This Holiday Season

Be a good sport. Lighten up. Appreciate each other. Relationship writer Sue Nador shares these tips and more for getting through the holidays.

6 Reasons You're Fighting During The Holidays

How much should you spend on gifts? What about those key Christmas traditions? These are some of the reasons couples fight during the holidays — and it's very, very normal.

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