12/18/2017 11:26 EST | Updated 12/18/2017 11:34 EST

This Gingerbread Parliament Hill Just Won Canadian Christmas

Sorry, everyone else.

And here we thought the gingerbread zamboni kit was peak Canada.

But it seems gingerbread Canadiana creativity knows no bounds, and this gingerbread rendition of Parliament Hill came out swinging for the title of "best Canadian gingerbread creation."

My sister just made this amazing gingerbread parliament! from canada

The image was posted to Reddit on Dec. 17.

"My sister just made this amazing gingerbread parliament!" wrote user Emily Skublics, noting that her sister made the creation as part of an annual family gingerbread competition (um, when do we get to see the rest of the entries?)

She also posted an image of her sister's handiwork on Twitter.

Those with a keen eye will notice that the gingerbread Parliament Hill even includes a gummy Centennial Flame, which commemorates Canada's 100th anniversary of Confederation.

Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press and Emily Skublics/Reddit


"Its the Centennial Flame that sells it," one commenter wrote on Reddit.

Other Reddit users were just as delighted with this gingerbread rendition of the centrepiece of our government, with some admiring Skublics' sister's use of green candies to capture the roof's signature green (which IRL is a result of aging copper and, according to legend, mopping the roof with horse urine to speed up the aging process when Centre Block was rebuilt after a 1916 fire).

We're glad she decided to buck tradition on that detail.

Another commenter noted that all it was missing was "the giant crane."

Construction on the West Block has been ongoing since 2011, and rehabilitation of Centre Block is expected to begin in 2018. So, yes, construction equipment such as cranes and tarps have been as much a part of the hill's backdrop in recent years as have yoga mats in the summer and, now, skaters in the winter.

Chris Wattie / Reuters
People skate on the Canada 150 ice rink on the front lawn of Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Dec. 7, 2017.

We're sure it's nothing a little icing and creativity can't solve if anyone else is working on an even more detailed gingerbread rendition.

Skublics' sister isn't the only one pulling out all the stops on Canadiana gingerbread creations. A gingerbread showcase at Victoria's Parkside Hotel and Spa has some truly incredible (and... delectable?) entries.

Such as this hockey-playing beaver.

This utterly perfect Canadian living room that features an airing of The Tragically Hip's documentary "Long Time Running."

And this gingerbread totem pole.

"In Canada, we take gingerbread creations to the next level," the Government of Canada tweeted on Dec. 12.

Yes, it seems we certainly do.

But we'd be remiss not to point out our favourite detail in Skublics' gingerbread Parliament Hill post, which has nothing to do with gingerbread at all.

Reddit/Emily Skublics

That cat cutting board (we assume?) is just A+.

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