12/20/2017 13:43 EST | Updated 12/20/2017 13:43 EST

Canadians Are The Worst In The World At Haggling: Survey

We also think a person's looks have the most impact on their ability to get a deal.

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Everyone loves a good bargain, but Canadians in particular are not that great at getting one, according to a new survey.

Canadians also don't particularly enjoy it; according to a survey for deals and discounts site, about 28 per cent of Canucks like to haggle.

This likely points to the lower discounts we get in return. Of all the countries included in the survey, Canadians received only an average of 12 per cent off after haggling — below the worldwide average of 17 per cent for men and 18 per cent for women.

In countries like Indonesia, where more than half the population likes to haggle (66 per cent), the discount is much higher (24 per cent).

Canadians comfortable with 'standard methods of shopping'

Matthew Meadows, a project manager for, told HuffPost Canada the results point to differences in the "recognized shopping habits of Canadians."

"I would say western countries specifically, Canada included, are more comfortable with the standard methods of shopping," he said.

"(It's) basically going to a retailer and understanding that the prices are as is, and they kind of accept the fair pricing model, if you will, and shop in that method."

He said in countries in Europe and other places, there may not be "that recognized system of pricing and commerce."

"And so they're more likely to try and negotiate prices of various products and services."

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Canadians are top in the world for people who will argue over the price of rent.

The survey also looked at the various products and services people try to get discounts on.

Canadians will haggle over jewelry, beds and mattresses, and gym memberships, according to the survey. We are top in the world for people who will argue over the price of rent.

Canadians are also the most superficial when it comes to haggling — Canada was ranked first overall for countries where people believe that attractiveness has the most impact on a person's ability to get a good bargain.

Meadows said he was "most surprised" by this result.

"Maybe there is some sort of hidden importance placed upon looks that we weren't aware of initially," he said. surveyed over 1,700 people from 44 countries and cultures in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Meadows said the company was interested in customers' various shopping habits.

"We were curious how behavior in this specific area differed among the various geographies we cover and figured it was worth investigating — especially as we are approaching peak holiday season."

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