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Laureen Harper: Alberta Cougar Hunter Probably 'Compensating For Something'

Commenters praised her for speaking out.

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Laureen Harper, a noted cat lover and wife of former prime minister Stephen Harper, took to Twitter to slam a Canadian TV host who killed a cougar in Alberta.

A Canadian TV host who shared images of a cougar he killed in Alberta has unleashed a wave of online backlash, with some detractors calling his act senseless and cruel.

Steve Ecklund, who hosts outdoor series "The Edge," posted pictures showing the large cat he dispatched on Facebook earlier this month. He also used its meat for a meal.

Cougar hunting is legal in Alberta from Sept. 1 to the end of February for residents, and from Dec. 1 to the end of February for non-residents.


Among the chorus of Ecklund's critics was Laureen Harper, who fostered more than 160 felines with husband Stephen Harper during his time as prime minister.

Harper blasted Ecklund for his actions on Twitter Wednesday evening.

"What a creep," she wrote. "Chasing a cougar with dogs until they are exhausted then shooting a scared, cornered and tired animal. Must be compensating for something, small penis probably."

After her comments led some to believe her account was hacked, Harper sent out a tweet confirming that the remarks where indeed hers.

Many twitter users praised Harper for her comments. Even NDP MP Charlie Angus chimed in, saying she "shoulda been PM for all those years."

Check out some of the responses below:

After the backlash to his photos began revving up, Ecklund posted on Facebook to make light of the outrage.

"If you can guess what post has 900 likes, 450 comments, 13 confirmed death threats, 754 swear words and one very happy hunter in it ... I will enter your name into the draw for the new cougar cook book, filled with mouth water recipes for your next mountain lion hunt," he wrote in the Dec. 4 post.

Supporters also poured in to defend Ecklund, with some saying his critics "are out of touch with reality."

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