12/26/2017 11:29 EST | Updated 12/26/2017 11:29 EST

Ont. Toddler Inside Car Stolen On Christmas Day Found Safe

The car was found abandoned with the child still inside.

FERGUS, Ont. — Police in southwestern Ontario say a toddler has been found safe after a car was stolen with the child still in it on Christmas Day.

Ontario Provincial Police say a man and his accomplice stole a car that was left unlocked and running as a woman went into a store in Fergus, Ont., on the evening of Christmas Day.

They say the man was able to get into the car and fled after witnesses tried to stop him.

The car was found shortly after, abandoned at the side of a highway with the child still in the vehicle, unharmed.

Police are investigating the incident and are asking anybody with information about the suspects to contact police.

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