01/04/2018 08:06 EST | Updated 01/04/2018 08:20 EST

Supertonk pulls his weight: Alberta couple spotlights skijoring behind horse

EDMONTON — An Alberta couple is hoping to bring skijoring with miniature horses to skiers who want to give it a whirl.

The recreational winter sport's name comes from a Norwegian word that means ski-driving.

A person on skis is pulled by a horse, a dog or a motor vehicle.

Patty Kramps runs Patty's Pony Place, north of Edmonton, where she, her husband and some friends have been trying skijoring with some of their mini horses.

A video posted online of her husband, Kelly Miller, behind a horse named Supertonk has more than two million views.

Kramps already offers horse rides and says she would like to give people a chance to try skijoring.

"I have the area here to do it," she says. "I've got three acres of bush lot on my little 10-acre spot and ... there's a half a mile carved through that bush that intertwines and makes loops and swoops. I have 10,000 LED lights on it. The whole half mile is lit.

"We do Christmas drives here, but now with this skijoring thing we do see that as an opening for a further expansion of what we do."

Kramps also makes harnesses for skijoring that she sells to people around the world.

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