Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her That Aren’t Overly Cheesy

Because not everyone is into all that mushy stuff.

Some people can't help but roll their eyes at the mere mention of Valentine's Day, and we don't blame them! After all, Feb. 14 is all about that mushy stuff called love, and while everyone can appreciate the good intentions behind the holiday, they just might not be into the cheesiness of it all.

If we just described your SO, then you might want to rethink the stereotypical box of chocolates, lengthy love letters and any other over-the-top grand acts of love you were thinking of doing to celebrate the day.

Instead, check out the 21 Valentine's Day gifts for her below that aren't overly cheesy. We guarantee these will win her over in a heartbeat.

1. Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions

Buy it here: Amazon, $16.20

2. Salsa girl emoji enamel

Buy it here: Drake General Store, $6

3. Disco cactus sipper cup

Buy it here: Urban Outfitters, $14.95

4. "Pajamas" comic by Catana Chetwynd

Buy it here: InPrnt, $15

5. Adidas gym bag

Buy it here: Hudson's Bay, $35

6. Lips bath mat

Buy it here: Urban Outfitters, $49

7. "Outlander" Season 1 Volume 1

Buy it here: Amazon, $20

8. Tantra: Sensuous kit for lovers

Buy it here: Saje, $39.95

9. Panda hug cookie mug

Buy it here: Urban Outfitters, $14

10. Purple Rain Remastered LP

Buy it here: Urban Outfitters, $34.98

11. Nice Canadian baseball cap

Buy it here: Roots, $24

12. Zodiac journal

Buy it here: Anthropologie, $18

13. Born naked tote bag

Buy it here: Society 6, $20.99

14. Toronto Raptors cropped hoodie

Buy it here: Peace Collective, $80

15. Sweet indulgence tea set

Buy it here: David's Tea, $26

16. "John Wick 2"

Buy it here: Amazon, $13.94

17. Koala indoor slippers

Buy it here: Forever 21, $7

18.You Do You: How to Be Who You Are and Use What You've Got to Get What You Want

Buy it here: Chapters/Indigo, $18.19

19. Binge-watching beauty kit

Buy it here: Chapters/Indigo, $29

20. Glazed ceramic planter

Buy it here: Urban Outfitters, $12

21. Travel mug

Buy it here: Society 6, $24.99

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