01/04/2018 10:52 EST | Updated 01/04/2018 10:59 EST

Windy Sinclair, Mom Of 4 Found Dead Outside In Winnipeg, Had Been Treated In Hospital

Her mother said she was struggling with meth addiction.

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WINNIPEG — A woman who was found dead in frigid weather last week outside of a Winnipeg apartment building has been identified by her family as a mother of four children who was admitted to hospital on Christmas Day.

Winnipeg police have said they are investigating the non-criminal death of a person whose body was found frozen on Dec. 28, but declined to release a name or gender.

Eleanor Sinclair said it was her daughter, Windy Sinclair, 29.

Sinclair said her daughter was struggling with a meth addiction, called 911 on Christmas night in distress and was taken to Seven Oaks General Hospital in an ambulance.

When she called the hospital the next day to check up on her she said staff told her that Windy Sinclair had been released.

Eleanor Sinclair said her daughter's death could have been prevented and she wants answers.

"I want them to tell me why she was left alone to leave on her own," she said Wednesday. "They should have policies enabling them to hold people that are clearly under the influence."

Eleanor Sinclair said she's angry and upset that she wasn't notified that her daughter had left the hospital.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority said it is investigating what happened and has expressed its condolences to the family.

"We do know that Ms. Sinclair was brought to Seven Oaks General Hospital in the evening of Dec. 25," the region said in a statement on behalf of Real Cloutier, the organization's interim president.

"I want them to tell me why she was left alone to leave on her own."

"She was seen in the Emergency Department and was in the process of receiving treatment. When staff returned to her treatment area to share results of some testing, Ms. Sinclair had taken her belongings and left the building.

"Staff searched the area for her, but were unable to locate her. Calls to the number on Ms. Sinclair's file were unanswered."

Tina Easter, Windy's cousin, said her body was found by a vent, likely trying to keep warm.

The low temperature in Winnipeg that day was -28 C.

Eleanor Sinclair said her daughter's four children range in age from four to 11. (CTV Winnipeg)

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