01/04/2018 08:38 EST | Updated 01/04/2018 08:40 EST

Winnipeg working to keep zebra mussels away from drinking water intake

Winnipeg is preparing to put up a fight to keep zebra mussels away from the city's drinking water.

Officials say $1 million is to be spent on control measures to prevent the invasive aquatic species from clogging the intake structure at Shoal Lake by 2019.

The plan includes using chlorine injections to kill the mussels.

The city says no zebra mussels have been detected in Shoal Lake yet, but their presence is inevitable.

The invaders have been found in a few lakes in the province, including Lake Winnipeg, as well as in the Red River.

The province tried to stop their growth in Lake Winnipeg in 2014 by dumping liquid potash into four harbours.

The harbours were initially declared mussel free, but they were discovered in the lake later that summer.

The mussels reproduce quickly and can disrupt the food chain, clog water pipes and create algae.

(CTV Winnipeg, The Canadian Press)