01/06/2018 13:35 EST | Updated 01/06/2018 13:35 EST

Adorable Groundhog Rescued From Nova Scotia Storm

The little guy is warming up and regaining his appetite.

Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre/Facebook

A groundhog is warming up (and fattening up) in his new home at a wildlife centre, after being found wandering in the wicked winter storm that swept through Nova Scotia on Thursday.

Atlantic Canada was pummeled by a "bomb cyclone" this week, complete with hurricane-force winds, storm surges and heavy snow.

Groundhogs should be hibernating through the winter, but for some reason, this little guy was wandering around, despite the weather.

Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre/Facebook
This groundhog was found wandering in Nova Scotia's severe winter storm this week.

A Good Samaritan brought him to the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Brookfield, N.S.

He was cold, with large chunks of ice in the fur on his tail, as well as skinny, weak and disoriented, the centre wrote on Facebook.

Staff speculated in a comment that he may have been out of hibernation due to a flooded den.

He's warmed up and regained his appetite since being at the centre.

The centre will be sharing photos of his progress on their Facebook page.

Donations to the groundhog's care can be made online.

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