01/10/2018 21:24 EST | Updated 01/11/2018 15:32 EST

B.C. Senior Still Waiting For Government To Realize He's Not Dead

The government declared him dead twice.

Bryan Kupiak is shown in an undated photo provided by CFJC Kamloops.

UPDATE 1/11: A British Columbia man is back among the living after twice being declared dead by the federal government in a bureaucratic mix-up that began when his social insurance number was incorrectly placed on his mother's death certificate.

He says the matter has now been resolved.


KAMLOOPS, B.C. — A British Columbia man is fighting for his life after the federal government declared him dead twice following a bureaucratic mix-up.

The trouble began last October when Kamloops resident Bryan Kupiak, who is in his mid-60s, received an old age security statement addressed to his estate.

Kupiak says the government had mistakenly put his social insurance number on the death certificate for his mother, who had passed away a month earlier.

The error meant he was temporarily cut off from all of his benefits, including his pension, but he was brought back to life a week later with the help of his member of Parliament, Cathy McLeod.

Kupiak says he thought the matter had been settled, until Kupiak's wife received a letter from the government on Sunday that described her as a widow.

I figure, okay we're good, and then now my wife's a widow. That means I'm still dead.

Kupiak says dealing with the administrative error is too much to handle for the second time, especially while he is still grieving the death of his mother.

"I figure, okay we're good, and then now my wife's a widow. That means I'm still dead," Kupiak says.

He says he intends to contact McLeod's office once again for help.