01/10/2018 11:19 EST | Updated 01/10/2018 11:21 EST

China heaping scorn on North Korea meeting next week in Vancouver

OTTAWA — China says it will not be attending an international meeting on North Korea next week in Vancouver, raising questions about whether the event will have any real impact.

The federal government is keeping a tight lid on exactly which countries have been invited to the meeting in Vancouver next week, which Canada is co-hosting with the United States.

But China says it will not be attending and that it believes the summit will hurt rather than help peace efforts, while Bloomberg News quoted a Japanese official raising questions about the fact countries like Colombia and Greece will be taking part.

Global Affairs Canada says it has repeatedly updated China on the Vancouver meeting, but won't say whether it was invited to attend nor provide a list of invited countries.

The meeting is ostensibly meant to demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the North Korean threat, discuss ways to strengthen sanctions against the country and look for diplomatic solutions to the crisis.

But experts say any progress is likely to be limited without China and Russia, which is also expected to be absent, given its importance to North Korea.