01/10/2018 10:59 EST | Updated 01/10/2018 11:00 EST

Police warn about syringes after second person pricked by uncapped needle

Victoria police are issuing a public warning after a woman was pricked by a syringe, the second person to be injured by a hypodermic needle in the past few days.

Police say the woman was walking her dog on Tuesday night when the animal investigated a bag next to a garbage can.

When the woman grabbed the bag away from the dog, she felt a prick and when she looked inside, she found several capped and uncapped syringes.

On Monday, police say a three-year-old child began crying while at a McDonald's restaurant, and when the child's parents investigated they found an uncapped syringe.

Both the woman and child were taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Police say anyone using needles needs to properly dispose of them in puncture-proof containers.

(CFAX, The Canadian Press)