01/11/2018 10:39 EST | Updated 01/11/2018 10:39 EST

Ikea Wants Pregnant Women To Pee On This Ad To See A Discount On A Crib

It uses the same kind of technology as at-home pregnancy tests.

Great news, Ikea shoppers! Thanks to a new print ad you can find out if you're pregnant and discover a discount on a crib, Adweek reports.

It sounds like a wonderfully pragmatic deal until you find out the catch — you actually have to pee on the ad to find out said discount.

The ad, which will run in Swedish magazine Amelia, uses the same kind of technology as at-home pregnancy tests and when someone pregnant pees on it, a discounted price on the Sundvik crib model magically appears.

It's cool that the ad provides a free pregnancy test and all, but Adweek does not mention how one would actually go about getting the discount at an Ikea store. But if one has to physically present a urine-soaked ad to a cashier, they better throw in some free hand sanitizer in the deal.

The ad works as an at-home pregnancy test.
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