01/12/2018 08:11 EST | Updated 01/12/2018 11:42 EST

Student guilty of sexual interference would be escorted off campus: U of C

CALGARY — The University of Calgary says a student who has been convicted of sexual interference would be escorted away if he tried to go on campus.

Provost Dru Marshall says 21-year-old Connor Neurauter has been advised not to return to school this term and the university will continue to review the situation.

The university has said it does not have the grounds to outright expel Neurauter because his crime took place before he was a student there.

Neurauter pleaded guilty to a count of sexual interference with a minor in Kamloops, B.C., in November and was sentenced to 90 days in jail earlier this month.

The case stoked outrage because the judge allowed him to serve all but one day of his sentence starting May 4 — once he had completed his semester at the University of Calgary.

Critics have said allowing a sexual offender to finish his school year before going to jail puts his rights ahead of his victim's.

Kamloops This Week reported from the trial that Neurauter, a former junior hockey goaltender, obtained nude photos from a 13-year-old girl and threatened to show them to her family. The court heard he was 18 when he and the girl had a brief relationship, Kamloops This Week reported.