01/12/2018 16:47 EST | Updated 01/12/2018 16:47 EST

These 20 Adorable Valentine's Day Children's Crafts Make Great Gifts

And they're fun for kids to create, too.

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The great thing about having kids is with a little craftiness (or a clear set of crafting instructions) you're covered pretty much any time you need to give a holiday gift to someone in your family.

Press a baby handprint on some canvas, write "I love you, Daddy," and bam! You just created a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift that will bring tears to the eyes of the receiver. Even if your kids are too old for footprint and handprint art, homemade gifts and crafts make great presents, and are fun for kids, too.

Whether you're looking for homemade gift ideas or just want to spend an afternoon crafting with your little ones, these 20 Valentine's Day crafts are bound to be a hit.

1. Valentine's Day heart fingerprint tree craft

Easy Peasy And Fun

Learn how: Easy Peasy And Fun

2. Yarn hearts

Aunt Peaches

Learn how: Aunt Peaches

3. Baby handprint flowers



4. Daddy and baby deer footprint art

Learn how: leahannecreations

5. Heart peacock craft

i heart arts n crafts

Learn how: i heart arts n crafts

6. Valentine's Day pizza paper plate craft

Surviving a Teacher's Salary

Learn how: Surviving A Teacher's Salary

7. Heart stamps


Learn how: Craftulate

8. Paper plate love birds

Arty Crafty Kids

Learn how:Arty Crafty Kids

9. Valentine's Day heart caterpillar

Crafty Morning

Learn how:Crafty Morning

10. ASL I love you card

Busy Mommy Media

Learn how:Busy Mommy Media

11. Handprint and footprint love canvas

Rio Grande Valley Moms Blog

Learn how:Rio Grande Valley Moms Blog

12. Rainbow heart suncatchers

Fireflies and Mud Pies

Learn how: Fireflies and Mud Pies

13. Valentine popsicle stick craft

Craft Create Cook

Learn how:Craft Create Cook

14. Mess-free heart art

The Best Ideas For Kids


Learn how:The Best Ideas For Kids

15. Baby footprint heart card

Jany Claire

Learn how: Jany Claire

16. Heart-shaped ninja turtle craft

Housing A Forest

Learn how:Housing A Forest

17. Valentine's Day wind chimes

No Time For Flash Cards

Learn how: No Time For Flash Cards

18. Valentine crowns

Paper and Glue

Learn how:Paper And Glue

19. Handprint monkey Valentine craft

Crafty Morning

Learn how:Crafty Morning

20. Salt dough handprint frame

Messy Little Monster

Learn how:Messy Little Monster

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