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Beautiful Baby Names That Embody Strength

These are subtle, but powerful.

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Whether we want to believe it or not, 2017 was an empowering year. Not only did thousands of people come together to support Women's Marches around the world, but many also took a stand against sexual assault and gender inequality.

According to baby name sites, this theme of empowerment has spilled into the parenting world, with moms and dads now looking to arm their babies with names that exude strength and power.

With this in mind, we've rounded up 10 powerful baby names that embody strength. You'll be proud to give your son or daughter any one of these beautiful monikers.

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1. Isa

Didn't you hear? Nicknames are the new first names, which makes Isa — short for Isabelle or Isadora — a fine choice. Though short and sweet, this moniker has an unexpected meaning: "strong-willed."

We love its femininity and the fact that it can also be used for boys, but with a different pronunciation. Isa (eye-sa) is also an Arabic variation of Jesus.

2. Marcheline

You don't come across a name like Marcheline every day. This French moniker famously belongs to Angelina Jolie's late mother, and the actress chose it for her twin daughter Vivienne's middle name. Although Marcheline is very feminine, it actually means "warrior."

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3. Ajax

If you love unique names, then this modern moniker will be right up your alley. The name Ajax is synonymous with warrior because it belongs to a hero in Greek mythology. It's also super trendy thanks to its x-ending.

4. Edmund

The name Edmund exudes nobility and strength simply thanks to its associations with royalty. The moniker, which means "fortunate protector," will grow well with your little one because it is both classic and modern.

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5. Lucia

Even though Lucia means "light," it's still a name that embodies strength. After all, Lucia is a variation of Lucy, which is the same name as badass stars Lucy Lawless and Lucy Liu. Naming your daughter after the warrior princess Xena or the witty Joan Watson from "Elementary" seems like a total no-brainer.

6. Emeric

More interesting than Eric, Emeric is a name that means "power." This moniker is popular in France, and it's not hard to see why! The name gives off a regal vibe and has great nickname options: Em or Emery.

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7. Takeo

This unique name is popular for its powerful meaning: "strong as bamboo." We love that it's a moniker that pays tribute to Japanese roots, and that it's a name not commonly heard in North America.

8. Bernadette

Names don't get much chicer than this! Bernadette is a fashionable German moniker that means "brave as a bear." It famously belongs to actress Bernadette Peters and has been used in literature, such as in Maria Semple's Where'd You Go, Bernadette, proving that it's timeless.

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9. Koa

Koa is a fresh departure from the ever-popular Noah. The trendy name has Hawaiian roots and means "warrior." It also has associations with nature, since Koa is a type of tree native to Hawaii's Pacific Islands.

10. Adira

Adira is a charming alternative to other popular "a" names, such as Arianna or Ava. We love Adira's unique sound, and that its meaning ("strong, noble, powerful") is guaranteed to make it a source of empowerment.

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