01/17/2018 12:59 EST | Updated 01/17/2018 16:22 EST

A list of some bystanders hit with stray bullets

Vancouver police say an innocent 15-year-old boy was riding in a car with his family last weekend when he was shot as gunfire erupted outside. The boy later died in hospital. A man believed to be the target of the attack was also killed. Here are some other cases involving bystanders hit by stray bullets:

April 5, 2002 - Richard Lof, 30, was standing inside a pub in Surrey, B.C. when he was killed by a stray bullet. Three men outside had been arguing with staff about their bill when one of them pulled a gun. A shot that went through a window of the pub door struck Lof in the head. Jagrup Singh was convicted of second-degree murder.

Oct. 28, 2005 - Laurie Tinga, 40, survived after being shot in the head by a stray bullet while watching TV in her home in Port Moody, B.C. Police said they believed she was an innocent victim during a shootout between gang members.

Dec. 26, 2005 - Jane Creba, 15, was Boxing Day shopping with her sister in downtown Toronto when she was caught in a shootout between rival gangs. Creba died and six others were wounded. Jorell Simpson-Rowe and Jeremiah Valentine were eventually convicted of second-degree murder. Louis Raphael Woodcock and Tyshaun Barnett were found guilty of manslaughter.

July 22, 2007 - Ephraim Brown, 11, was attending a birthday party outside a Toronto housing complex when he was struck in the neck by a bullet during a shootout. Two men accused of being rival gang members were charged with second-degree murder. They were acquitted at trial.

Jan. 12, 2008 - John O’Keefe, 42, was heading home after a night out with friends when he walked into the path of gunfire on Toronto's Yonge Street. Two men who had been kicked out of a tavern were arguing with bouncers when one of them pulled out a gun and fired. O'Keefe was struck in the head and died instantly. Edward Paredes was convicted of second-degree murder and Awet Zekarias was found guilty of manslaughter.

Sept. 16, 2008 - Jose Neto, a 24-year-old university exchange student from Brazil, was sitting on a Calgary park bench after dinner out with his girlfriend when a stray bullet struck him in the face. Roland Warawa had been standing about 30 metres away when he shot at another man during a fight over a cellphone. Neto survived but was permanently blinded. Warawa pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and weapons charges and was sentenced as a dangerous offender.