01/17/2018 10:08 EST | Updated 01/17/2018 11:20 EST

Foreign workers sleeping in Burger King basement: Alberta Health Services

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. — Alberta Health Services has issued a health order to a Burger King franchise because inspectors found foreign workers were sleeping in the basement of the Lethbridge restaurant.

The order, dated Jan. 10, said the inspection found evidence of "sleeping/living accommodations for foreign workers."

It says allowing sleeping or living accommodations in a restaurant is a health code violation.

The order says food-handling services must be separated from living quarters and other areas that may be "incompatible with the safe and sanitary handling of food."

The Burger King restaurant has until today to remove all mattresses and ensure people are not longer living or sleeping there.

Calls to the corporation and Alberta Health Services were not immediately returned. (Lethbridge Herald)