01/18/2018 14:55 EST | Updated 01/21/2018 14:03 EST

Astronomer says fireball that lit up the Alberta sky on Wednesday was a meteor

EDMONTON — A fireball that lit up the evening sky over parts of Alberta was a meteor.

Frank Florian, an astronomer at the TELUS World of Science in Edmonton, says the meteor streaked across the northeast part of the province on Wednesday.

Corbet Kratko says he captured an image of the ribbon of fire with his dashboard camera as he was driving in the city.

In Fort McMurray, homeowner Khristine Scott Lavery had video of the meteor that was taken by a camera attached to her doorbell.

She says her childen took the video to school Thursday for show and tell.

There were some reports of people hearing loud bangs after seeing the flash.

Florian said while the meteor looked like it was nearby, looks can be deceiving.

"Even though they’re quite bright and they look like they’re relatively close, they can be many hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres away depending up on where you see them in the sky," he said. 

Florian said the challenge now will be to figure out where any meteorite fragments may have ended up.

"There definitely is pieces left of this object somewhere in northern Alberta," he said. (CTV Edmonton)