01/24/2018 14:59 EST | Updated 01/24/2018 15:30 EST

How Much Did You Pay For That Blunt? StatCan To Crowdsource Marijuana Data

Cannabis is now in the domain of the data scientists.

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A man is seen smoking a joint.

Statistics Canada wants to know what you pay for weed.

As part of its efforts to collect data on the soon-to-be fully legalized cannabis market, the federal statistical agency will be launching a new platform where members of the public will be able to share how much they paid for marijuana, and how much of it they consume.

The crowdsourcing platform will appear on StatCan's Cannabis Statistics Hub.

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​​It's all part of an effort to make marijuana an integral part of Canada's economic data as the country prepares for full legalization of recreational pot next summer.

StatCan released its first tranche of data on the economics of marijuana in December. It found Canadians spent $6.2 billion on cannabis in 2015, nearly as much as the $7 billion they spent on wine, though less than the $9.2 billion spent on beer.

Details of the crowdsourcing plan are to be announced in Ottawa Thursday morning.

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But will Canadians be willing to share information on a habit that is still illegal today, and still has some stigma attached to it?

A StatCan spokesperson told HuffPost Canada that the privacy of contributors will be protected, just as the identity of other survey respondents is protected under the Statistics Act.

Pot smokers' privacy "will be utmost in our minds" when collecting the data, the spokesperson said.

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