Laura Dern Has A Dog Doppelgänger And The Internet Agrees

The actress had a great sense of humour about it.

Much like the cat that looked like "Girls" and "Star Wars" actor Adam Driver, the internet is going crazy for this dog that many think resembles actress Laura Dern.

Twitter user Margaret Lyons tweeted out a photo of Kimchee the Maltipoo, an adorable dog with over 6,300 Instagram followers.

People couldn't believe the dog's likeness to Dern:

Dern had a great sense of humor about her doggie doppelgänger and shared the photo with followers on her Twitter account.

"Should she have played Renata in Big Little Lies?!" the actress jokingly tweeted.

Kimchee's owner, Erica Ngo, told HuffPost this is the first time the pet has been compared to the actress.

"We love that Kimchee is getting affectionate attention from the internet and that Laura was so gracious in playing along," Ngo said, via email.

She added, "We are surely flattered for any comparison between our Kimchee and an admirable woman like Miss Dern. We of course communicated [the] news to our sweet pup mostly with extra belly rubs and boiled chicken, both of which were certainly well received."

Perhaps Kimchee could score a Season 2 appearance on Dern's hit HBO show?

We'll be waiting.

This story has been updated with comment from Kimchee's owner.