01/25/2018 17:17 EST | Updated 01/25/2018 18:00 EST

Calgary man charged after guns, animals seized on property speaks out

CALGARY — A Calgary man is speaking out in his own defence after 40 animals and 20 rifles were seized from a rural home.

Police say Fred Brokop faces 15 weapons-related charges.

The Calgary Humane Society says the animals were in distress, but no animal cruelty charges have been laid.

Brokop says none of the animals belong to him.

He says they are the property of other people who live at the ranch.

Brokop says he was looking at his rifles on Wednesday when a police tactical squad showed up.

"I didn’t think I was in breach of anything," Brokop said Thursday.

"You’re allowed to look at your guns. You’re allowed to move them and display them and handle them any time you like while you’re home.

"You’re supposed to lock the door on your house when you leave. I never had time to lock my door."

After being released from custody, Brokop said he discovered that three homes on the property, including his own, had been condemned without explanation.

He is now living in a camping trailer on the grounds.

Brokop is to appear in court March 14 on the firearm charges.

The Calgary Humane Society's animal cruelty investigation continues. (CTV Calgary)

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