02/05/2018 00:01 EST | Updated 02/06/2018 14:02 EST

Things We Hate But Are Worth The Wait

If you're offered a fresh baked cookie versus ingredients and a recipe to make a batch, what do you choose? Chances are, you'll take the piping hot cookie and enjoy the gooey sweet moment.

Instant gratification is hard to turn down. It can also be hard to recognize that doing things we don't necessarily like may reap greater future rewards. Case in point, you may hate baking but you'll end up with as multiple opportunities to indulge in something sweet, as opposed to just one.

Our everyday lives are rife with scenarios like this. You probably never liked studying, but you're certainly glad you did, because the benefits far outweigh the sacrifice. And now, you're dreading breaking the news to your own kid that you've enrolled them in Kumon.

Tears may be shed and arguments had but, like you, one day they'll realize those after-school math and reading exercises are the very reason they've succeeded. From mopping floors to doing Kumon homework, a good life lesson to learn early is that there will be a million and one things you hate doing but they're worth the effort. Here are just a few.



With the exception of a few, no one chooses cleaning over lying in bed all weekend. When your space looks like a disaster area, it becomes even more daunting. Where do you even begin?

The trick to getting yourself over the hump and attacking the task at hand, is to focus on a small portion of what seems like a monumental undertaking. Commit to doing the dishes first or putting away the mountain of clothes you tossed on the floor. Just put on some music and envision what your place will look like when you're done. A clean space is a productive space and you'll find it easier to study, do work or just relax with a book when you're not living in chaos. You'll be glad you bit the bullet.



For students, studying can be the hardest thing to get motivated about when distractions are everywhere. The term "all-nighter" could refer to many things, but we suspect it was coined by students cracking open their textbooks at 9 p.m., ahead of an 8 a.m. exam.

Studying isn't fun for many and there's not much we can say to sugarcoat it. However, it's easier to stomach if you can visualize that university acceptance letter, your first job offer, or even the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from making your parents proud.

Similarly, dedicating yourself to Kumon can reap valuable future awards. It may mean more homework, but the skills the work instills are valuable. The program can provide kids with the tools to be more independent, and in turn, increased confidence in their abilities.

Saving Money


Saving money usually means forgoing things you enjoy and that's not easy. That venti vanilla latte you crave becomes an occasional treat rather than a daily indulgence. You may want to give in and order takeout rather than cooking, but little expenses add up.

Keeping track of your spending is a great way to help visualize what you can purchase if you bought one fancy coffee a week instead of five. Depending on your level of sacrifice, a trip of a lifetime, a home or the car you've always dreamed of could be within reach just for taking a pass on a few daily pleasures.



Even for the relatively fit, exercising is hard. It's hard to get off the couch. It's hard to get changed into gym clothes and it's hard to spend your free time doing burpees and bench presses.

And while that all sounds terribly unappealing, exercising yields huge returns if you can just push yourself to do it. It's no secret that those who exercise regularly tend to live longer, experience fewer illnesses and feel more energetic throughout the day. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind and soul. For all the good exercise does, an hour a day of feeling a little hot and sweaty seems like a pretty sweet deal.

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