01/31/2018 22:40 EST | Updated 02/01/2018 09:43 EST

Trudeau Tackles Immigration Questions During Winnipeg Town Hall

Some of the questions got personal.

John Woods/The Canadian Press
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at a meeting of the Prime Minister's Youth Council at Red River College in Winnipeg on Winnipeg.

WINNIPEG — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced questions on immigration, child welfare and other issues during a town hall meeting with some 1,800 people at the University of Manitoba.

Trudeau was asked by some people about whether he would boost the number of immigrants accepted into Canada every year.

Some people had personal questions, such as one woman who said a Nigerian friend was facing deportation and faced great danger if she returned to the African nation because she is a lesbian.

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One questioner asked Trudeau whether he was concerned about the number of people crossing the border illegally and claiming refugee status.

Trudeau responded that Canada has obligations under international treaties to give asylum-seekers a hearing, but also has the resources to ensure that people who are deemed not to be refugees are dealt with appropriately.

A couple of people shouted and briefly interrupted the event — one man called Trudeau a liar and booed him, but sat down and later smiled when Trudeau referred to boorish behaviour.

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