02/02/2018 23:00 EST | Updated 02/02/2018 23:00 EST

Wynne to deliver keynote address at pre-election Liberal gathering

TORONTO — Ontario's Liberal Party meets today to hear from Premier Kathleen Wynne, who is expected to deliver a "rally-style" speech to party members for the last time before the coming spring provincial election.

The gathering in downtown Toronto, which enters its second day today, will focus on campaign preparedness, volunteer training and recruitment.

Wynne's speech, expected late Saturday afternoon, is one of two keynote addresses at the weekend event.

Also delivering a keynote address is Grey Cup-winning coach of the Toronto Argonauts, Marc Trestman, around noon.

Wynne opened the convention Friday night by participating in a candidate spotlight and taking questions from party members.

Ontario's general election is June 7.

On Friday, Wynne again stressed her campaign themes of creating fairness and opportunity for all Ontarians, as she has for months leading up to the election.

"We're entering into a very interesting period," she said, laughing. "Is that fair to say? And I've got a great team behind me. We're here to talk about the values that are the Liberal values that drive us."

Touting policies such as the provincial minimum wage increase and free post-secondary tuition, Wynne also said she believes that government should help people do things they can't do for themselves.

"We're not a business," Wynne said. "We're a caring society and our government has to be an expression of that."