02/06/2018 14:32 EST | Updated 02/06/2018 14:40 EST

Buy American retaliation: Ontario plans bill, urges other provinces to follow

WASHINGTON — The Ontario government is planning a bill to retaliate against any state that adopts Buy American provisions.

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the move in meetings in Washington.

She said in an interview that when the legislature reconvenes this month, she will table the bill.

It will allow the province to later write regulations restricting procurement contracts for any state with Buy American provisions.

She says the size of the punishment will match the size of the Buy American exclusion, no more, and that she doesn't want a trade war.

Wynne says the move was inspired by a recent infrastructure bill from the state of New York.

She says the Canadian federal government is aware of her plans, and she intends to raise the idea with other Canadian provinces at an upcoming meeting.

That being said, she leaves Washington for New York City on Tuesday slightly more optimistic about the state of Canada-U.S. trade.

In meetings with American lawmakers, business, and with the chief U.S. NAFTA negotiator, she said every person she met had a positive attitude about finding common ground in the NAFTA negotiations.

"Nobody said there’s no path for a solution here," she said.