02/09/2018 14:55 EST | Updated 02/09/2018 14:55 EST

Will Caroline Ouellette And Julie Chu's Baby Cheer For Team Canada Or U.S.?

Some new photos provide clues!

Robert Laberge via Getty Images
Caroline Ouellette of Canada knocks down Julie Chu of the U.S. during the women's ice hockey gold medal game on Feb. 21, 2002 at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Talk about pressure.

When you're the only daughter of Canada's Caroline Ouellette and the U.S.'s Julie Chu, Olympic champions and former hockey rivals-turned-moms, which team do you cheer for?

Ouellette, the former captain of the Canadian women's hockey team, and Chu, the former captain of the U.S. women's hockey team, are considered two of the greatest players of all time. When they announced the birth of baby Liv in November, the world went nuts over the cross-border cuteness.

Since then, the new moms have posted images of baby Liv at the Clarkson Cup championships, meeting U.S. hockey Olympian Hilary Knight, and watching the World Juniors (where she cheered on Team Canada), which really has us wondering which team this hockey-loving babe will cheer for in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

This latest Instagram post from Chu could be a clue, with baby Liv happily donning a Team U.S.A. jersey. The photo, celebrating Liv's three-month milestone and posted earlier this week, includes a line that Liv is "excited for her first Olympics."

Some of Chu's Instagram followers were quick to point out how happy Liv looked in the jersey.

"I hate to say it but based on that smile, I think you have a little USA hockey fan there!" one follower wrote.

"Adorable & great jersey!" another wrote.

"Liv is adorable ... even in the wrong jersey," said another.

Wuh-oh. Is Liv going to be cheering on our rivals to the south when Canada and the U.S. are scheduled to play each other on Feb. 14?

Maybe not.

Because when Liv turned two months old, Ouellette posted a photo of her dressed up in Canadian garb. Also, OMG, Liv is wearing KNITTED SKATE BOOTIES.

Aaaaand we're dead. We died of cuteness.

Anyway, Ouellette's post says that Liv is a fan of hockey and "Canada and U.S.A."

So, which is it going to be?

Neither, Chu revealed in response to a follower's question on Instagram.

"Hahaha we are just hoping for a hockey fan and for certain international game match ups she will be a stingers fan," Chu said.

"(She'll alternate) by each game. USA vs Canada she will be in stingers or les canadiennes," she explained further in response to another question.

Chu and Ouellette are both coaches for Montreal's Concordia University women's hockey team, called The Stingers. And they are teammates in the Canadian Women's Hockey League, where they and their fellow Canadiennes de Montreal took home the Clarkson Cup last season.

What a diplomatic decision! (But we still wanna see Liv in a Team Canada jersey).

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