02/12/2018 16:56 EST | Updated 02/12/2018 16:56 EST

The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For You Last-Minute Shoppers

You still got this!

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We hate to be the one to remind you that Valentine's Day is just a few days away.

Maybe it sort of slipped your mind. Maybe you didn't realize you and your loved one were exchanging gifts this year. Maybe you have kids and you have literally not done anything that wasn't last-minute since their birth.

Whatever the reason for your last-minute shopping, we got you. Here are 20 best Valentine's Day gift ideas from easy-to-find stores (or places that have rush delivery) so you can have a great gift ready faster than you can say "I totally didn't forget."

1. "Kama Sutra & Chill"


Costs: $10

Get it at:Indigo

2. Sephora gift card


Costs: $10-$500

Get it at:Sephora

3. Floral print lace T-shirt bra

Joe Fresh

Costs: $19

Get it at: Joe Fresh

4. Valentine's Day print boxers


Costs: $19.95

Get it at:Gap

5. Honeysuckle bouquet three-wick candle

Bath and Body Works

Costs: $12.95

Get it at:Bath and Body Works

6. Le Vian passion ruby and strawberry sapphires Ombre tilted heart pendant in 14K strawberry gold

Peoples Jewellers

Costs: $599.99

Get it at: Peoples Jewellers

7. Samsung Gear 360 flash memory action camcorder

Best Buy

Costs: $299.99

Get it at:Best Buy

8. Victrola wooden 6-in-1 nostalgic 3-speed turntable with bluetooth

Bed Bath and Beyond

Costs: $139.99

Get it at:Bed Bath and Beyond

9. King stackable mug


Costs: $9

Get it at: Indigo

10. Coach boxed small wristlet with love leaf print

The Bay

Costs: $85

Get it at: The Bay

11. Kate Spade New York all my love hinged bracelet

The Bay

Costs: $88

Get it at:The Bay

12. Out From Under ribbed icon sporty sock

Urban Outfitters

Costs: $14

Get it at: Urban Outfitters

13. Heart-shaped pancake pan with Nutella

Shoppers Drug Mart

Costs: Price available in store

Get it at: Shoppers Drug Mart

14. Glasses cuff links

RW & Co

Costs: $39.90

Get it at:RW & Co

15. "Love Poems" by Pablo Neruda


Costs: $10.85

Get it at:Indigo

16. 206 Collective women's pearson shearling moccasin slipper


Costs: $74.99

Get it at: Amazon

17. Canadian Olympic Team Collection x Drake General Store Adult Coveralls

The Bay

Costs: $59.99

Get it at: The Bay

18. Fondue kit with milk chocolate bar

Laura Secord

Costs: $12.99

Get it at:Laura Secord

19. Happy Valentine's heart cookie cake

Mrs. Fields

Costs: $39.99

Get it at:Mrs. Fields

20. All-Clad 3-piece pizza stone and pizza cutter set

Bed Bath and Beyond

Costs: $149.99

Get it at:Bed Bath and Beyond

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