02/12/2018 10:34 EST | Updated 02/12/2018 10:34 EST

Follow-Up Podcast: Inside The Manning Conference, This Year's 'Woodstock For Canadian Conservatives'

It started with singing of the not gender-neutral version of 'O Canada.'

Justin Tang/The Canadian Press
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer speaks at the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa on Feb. 9, 2018.

OTTAWA — The federal party that once supported a niqab ban for public servants now promises to protect Canadians' freedom of choice, thought, and religious expression.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer delivered his first major speech to party supporters in Ottawa this weekend at the annual Manning Centre conference.

"It's now a question about being free or unfree," Scheer said during his keynote address Friday. "We stand against the Liberal political philosophy which supports neither freedom or responsibility ... nor for respect for diversity of beliefs."

Podcast panel tackles 'Liberal traps'

More focus was placed on pushing back against political correctness — the conference kicked off with the singing of the not gender-neutral version of "O Canada" — than on acknowledging how #MeToo has impacted the Conservative movement on federal and provincial levels of government.

In this episode of Follow-Up, we ask a panel of new Tory MPs if Liberal traps are shaping the party's vision.

We also hear from the Conservative Party's campaign chair Hamish Marshall on which areas of opportunity he's focusing in on to grow support in 2019. And former MP Jason Kenney shares with us the one thing he thinks Tories can learn from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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