02/14/2018 08:14 EST | Updated 02/14/2018 13:04 EST

Norway's Curling Team Wore Heart-Themed Pants For Valentine's Day

A fine Olympic tradition continues.

Norway's men's curling team have a special message for their fans.

Happy Valentine's Day.

The team, skipped by Thomas Ulsrud, wore some pretty striking heart-themed pants in competition on Wednesday.

Cathal McNaughton / Reuters
Members of Norway's men's curling team wore heart-themed pants for Valentine's Day.

It's a pretty nice look. Although, we're giving this gent, below, a deduction for wearing white socks with black shoes!

Cathal McNaughton / Reuters
Team Norway's striking curling pants.

Norwegian curlers have drawn plenty of attention for their striking pants. Here are some of our favourite examples from past Olympics.


Andrew Milligan - PA Images via Getty Images
Team Norway at the Sochi Olympics.

Are you guys joking?

Getty Images
Team Norway at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

The patriotic look is our favourite! Bonus points for the high socks.

Ints Kalnins / Reuters
Team Norway at the Sochi Olympics.

Stay amazing Team Norway. If you can't get enough of them, the pants even have a Facebook fan page.

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