02/19/2018 00:01 EST | Updated 02/21/2018 10:39 EST

5 Family Activities For A Rainy Day

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What happens to your day of family fun when the weather doesn't cooperate? Remember this: A little creativity can brighten up even the greyest of days. In partnership with Brother Canada, here are five fun activities both kids and parents will enjoy the next time you're stuck indoors.

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Picnic in the living room

Can't go to the park for a pretty picnic? Bring the park to you! Each member of the family will have to pitch in to recreate the feeling of an outdoor picnic on your living room floor. First, put down some comfy cushions on a large blanket you've laid out in the middle of the room. Add your plates, cups and colourful plastic cutlery, along with a spread of sandwiches, crudités, chips and lemonade. Cuddle up on your blanket, imagine the trees and grass all around you, and eat together as a family. Some lively music and jokes will help create the feel-good warmth of sunshine.

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Cook with the whole family

Do your kids love helping in the kitchen? Now is the perfect time to let them manage the menu. Take advantage of a day inside to choose two or three simple and fun dishes. Whether it's cookies, soup, cake or crepes, print out recipes that inspire and trust your kids' to do the rest. The best part? When you're done, you'll get to eat everything you've made together as a family.

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Treasure hunt through the house

Creating a house-wide treasure hunt is a treat for all. First, hide small or medium-sized objects (depending on how challenging you want it to be) throughout the house. It could be based on a theme, like colour or use, or related to each of the different rooms. Then, use your Brother printer to create little notes containing riddles, charades, proverbs and other clues that lead to the next discovery. To make solving the riddles even more fun, hide little treats along the way.

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Imagine your next trip

Take advantage of this rainy day to dream about the good times to come. Pull out old photo albums, print out new ones, remember the last time you went on vacation and imagine the next big one. Ask your kids to draw their dream destination or write a story about the places they'd love to explore. Then, decide together what the next destination should be and begin planning the activities that'll be part of your adventure.

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Get crafty

Family crafts on a rainy day is an activity that will never grow old. Pull out the crayons, coloured paper, glitter, stickers, pipe-cleaners, glue sticks and scissors, and let the creative juices flow. For fans of colouring, you can find thousands of drawings to print out online, fun for young and old alike.

Brother Canada printers are with you every step of the way on your fun-filled family adventures.