02/20/2018 17:28 EST | Updated 02/21/2018 14:28 EST

York Regional Police Admit Marijuana Won't Make Men Grow Breasts

They had to issue a correction after comments that an officer reportedly made to teens.

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AURORA, Ont. — Police north of Toronto are trying to clear the air after officers reportedly told a group of teens that marijuana use can lead to "enhanced mammary growth in men.''

York Regional Police Service spokeswoman Const. Laura Nicolle says the erroneous information was included in a presentation by officers for high school students last week.

Nicolle says the police force was contacted on social media by several people who were at the session, questioning the link between cannabis and growth in that area in men.

At the Thursday event in Aurora, which was covered by the Aurora Banner, York Regional Police drug recognition officer Nigel Cole reportedly told students that research showed marijuana could lower testosterone.

"We call it 'doobies make boobies,'" Cole reportedly said.

"We're finding 60 per cent of 14-year-olds are developing 'boobies.'"

In a tweet Friday afternoon, police say marijuana does not cause "enhanced mammary growth in men,'' adding that the force is "working to address'' the misinformation by the officers.

Nicolle says police are looking into exactly what the officers told the students and where they got that information.

But Const. Marina Orlovski told HuffPost Canada that it's wrong for police to comment on the health effects of a drug.

"As police officers, we're not experts in that area," she said. "We're not experts in health care, we're not experts in addiction or public policy making, our role is really to enforce the law."

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