02/21/2018 10:45 EST | Updated 02/21/2018 10:45 EST

Meghan Markle’s Love For Fans Proves She’ll Be A ‘People’s Princess’

"How can a woman be so sweet and perfect?"

ANDY BUCHANAN via Getty Images
Meghan Markle takes part in a walkabout at Edinburgh Castle.

Is there anything Meghan Markle can't do? The royal-to-be has charmed us on a number of occasions through her relatable style, her work for women's rights and, of course, her love of Toronto. But now a sweet interaction she had with a fan has won us over once again.

During Markle and Prince Harry's recent visit to Edinburgh, the former "Suits" star and her fiancé took time to greet fans lining up to see them.

ANDREW MILLIGAN via Getty Images
Meghan Markle meets members of the public during a walkabout at Edinburgh Castle.

One lucky pair of onlookers got the chance to speak to Markle personally, as she passed by. After shaking Markle's hand, the woman noted that they were from the Philippines and that it was their anniversary.

After congratulating the couple, Markle surprised them both by speaking Tagalog. In a short clip of the interaction, which was shared on Twitter, the 36-year-old can be heard saying "salamat po" before moving on to the next group of fans. The phrase means "thank you."

Naturally, the royal fan was ecstatic. "Oh my goodness, so sweet!" she exclaimed.

On Twitter, fans have taken this as a sign that Markle is the perfect match for Harry, who is also known for charming the public. One user even called them "a power couple that will win hearts wherever they go."

Others agreed that the effort Markle puts into relating and connecting with her fans is why she is so loved.

Markle's interactions with the public mirror those of Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, who was known for getting up close and personal with her fans. Just last week, for instance, she broke royal protocol when she hugged a fan in Scotland.

According to Elite Daily, the woman Markle embraced was Alice Thompson, the co-founder of Social Bite, a sandwich shop that uses its profits to help end homelessness in Scotland.

But that's not the only time Markle has gone against royal practices when greeting the public. The former actress has also signed autographs and taken selfies with fans. While this is an unconventional approach for a royal to interact with the public, it proves Markle will also be a "People's Princess," like Diana, when she marries into the Royal Family this May.

According to one royal fan, Markle is also quite humble.

"She was introducing herself with 'Hi, I'm Meghan,' as if no one knew who she was," said Londoner Tom Martin, according to Hello magazine.

Seems like people are in agreement that Harry couldn't have picked a better person to be his partner.

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