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Kevin Koe Loses Bronze Medal Match, Canada Swept Off Team Curling Podium

"I feel like we're a better team than we showed in the playoffs. It just sucks. Just couldn't pull it out when we needed to."

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Skip Kevin Koe of Canada lost the bronze medal match against Switzerland.

PYEONGCHANG — There will be no team curling medal for Canada at the Pyeongchang Olympics.

Calgary's Kevin Koe lost 7-5 to Switzerland's Peter de Cruz in the men's bronze-medal game Friday.

Rachel Homan didn't make the playoff round in women's curling.

It's the first time since curling returned to the Winter Games in 1998 that Canadian teams didn't finish on the podium in both the men's and women's events

"Hugely disappointed," Koe said. "I feel like we're a better team than we showed in the playoffs. It just sucks. Just couldn't pull it out when we needed to."

John Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes did win mixed doubles gold in Pyeongchang in its Olympic debut.

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Kevin Koe's team played well in the round robin but dropped two games in a row to knock themselves off the podium.

Koe went 6-3 in the preliminary round to finish second to Sweden's Niklas Edin, but lost 5-3 to John Shuster of the U.S. in the semifinal.

De Cruz skips the Swiss, but throws second stones ahead of vice-skip Benoit Schwarz and third Claudio Paetz. They beat Britain in a tiebreaker of 5-4 teams, but fell to Edin in the seminal.

Edin and Shuster will meet in Saturday's gold-medal game.

With the exception of lead Ben Hebert, who threw a perfect game making all of his shots, the Canadians were outcurled by the Swiss.

Canada spent much of the game playing defence and having to bail themselves out with runback hits.

Down 7-5 coming home with hammer, Schwarz's double takeout left Koe left no shot for the deuce and an extra end.

Swiss hit for one in the ninth for a two-point lead. Koe's finesse double hit in the eighth to score two had the Canadians trailing 6-5.

I feel like we're a better team than we showed in the playoffs. It just sucks.Kevin Koe

The Canadian skip's pair of missed hits in the seventh allowed Schwarz to draw in the deuce.

Koe's long raise to score four in the sixth didn't pan out and he settled for one.

His raise triple with his first stone in the fifth lessened the damage, but he missed a double with his last. The Swiss drew for two to go up 4-2.

Koe's long angle raise for two in the fourth got the Canadians out of some trouble as they tied it up 2-2.

Koe's attempted double to set up a blank end in the third didn't work. He was heavy with a draw to the eight-foot rings with his last stone to give up a steal of one and trail 2-0.

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Canada had hammer to start Friday's game as the higher-seeded team. After blanking the first end, the skip had a tough draw against one Swiss stone biting the button and was short by a hair to give up a steal of one.

Canadian men's curling teams at the Winter Olympics won silver in 1998 (Mike Harris) and 2002 (Kevin Martin) before three straight gold: Brad Gushue (2006); Martin (2010); and Brad Jacobs (2014).

Canadian women's teams won gold in 1998 (Sandra Schmirler), bronze in 2002 (Kelley Law) and 2006 (Shannon Kleibrink) and gold in 2014 (Jennifer Jones).

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