02/23/2018 15:11 EST | Updated 02/23/2018 15:11 EST

Team Canada's 'My Heart Will Go On' Performance Wins The Gold Medal For Ultimate CanCon

This is spectacular.

Mikael Kingsbury‏/Twitter
Team Canada athletes channelled the emotion of a thousand heartbreaks to fuel their rendition of Celine Dion's

If you thought seeing Scott Moir yelling at a ref at an international hockey game while clutching a beer was the most Canadian sight at the Winter Olympics, then please brace yourself for this.

Behold these special 19 seconds of Team Canada athletes in a bus, singing their hearts out to Celine Dion's quintessential ballad "My Heart Will Go On":

Freestyle skier and gold medallist Mikael Kingsbury uploaded the future Heritage Minute to Twitter on Friday and made sure to tag the artist herself.

In the words of one of the many people on Twitter captivated by the athletes' performance, we're "bleeding maple syrup from this."

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