02/25/2018 12:34 EST | Updated 02/25/2018 19:55 EST

Police Investigating 4 Ontario Deaths As Triple Murder-Suicide

The bodies were found in Ryerson Township on Friday.

RYERSON TOWNSHIP, Ont. — A man killed three members of the same family — two women and one man — at their central Ontario home before taking his own life, police said Sunday.

Ontario Provincial Police Det. Insp. Martin Graham said a family friend stopped by the home in Ryerson Township, Ont., for a pre-arranged visit on Friday night and "came across this tragic scene.''

The friend then called 911 immediately, around 7:30 p.m., Graham said.

"The fourth deceased in the residence is not related by blood to the three victims of the homicide, but is also a resident of Ryerson Township,'' Graham said.

He said the three family members lived in the house where they were found dead. On Sunday, police had blocked off access to the home as they continue their investigation. The home sits at the end of a rural road in the isolated community of just under 650 people, about 300 kilometres north of Toronto.

Graham, who's leading the investigation, said police found guns at the home, but wouldn't say whether any of the victims were shot, only that all four had signs of trauma.

We're trying to narrow down the time that this incident took place.Det. Insp. Martin Graham

He isn't sure when the killings occurred.

"We're trying to narrow down the time that this incident took place,'' Graham said. "We know it took place sometime between Wednesday evening and up to 7:30 p.m. on Friday.''

Police have not released the names of the dead. Graham said police won't be commenting on any potential cause of death until a post-mortem is complete, which might take place later this week.

Killings shock tiny community

The township's Deputy Reeve, Barbara Marlow, said she hasn't heard of a tragedy of this scale happening in the area during the 45 years she's lived there.

"It's just a small community, so everybody is quite shocked,'' she said.

Cathy Still, the mayor of the nearby village of Burk's Falls where Ryerson's population does its socializing, said she too was surprised by the deaths.

"This is really strange. We've only had maybe four incidents in the last 60 years of anything involving shootings or guns, or anything like that.''

It's a very low crime area, it's frightening.Ahren Simmons

Outside a Tim Hortons coffee shop in Burk's Falls, Ahren Simmons spoke about the tragedy.

"It's a very low crime area, it's frightening,'' Simmons said.

"Stuff does happen, but not often at all.''

The last murder he could remember was two years ago, when a woman was killed during a robbery.